I’ve started work on a summer project with Werkt and Mike K called Flava. It’s designed to be a distributed Tivo system which records massive amounts of shows (per request) and stores them per peoples requests. I’m in charge of writing some of the software that will maintain some of the client nodes – gonna be fun!

Additionally, today I found out that the VP of RIT’s Finance & Administration mentioned my Schedule Maker, personally, in a meeting – saying something to the effect that they’d like their stuff to be more like mine. Wow. Quite cool! To give you the scale of this, check out this org. chart. This guy is in charge of: RIT Legal, Finance, Housing Operations, Facilities Management, Campus Safety, etc. etc. This guy inherits from rit.* and reports directly to Al Simone. Wow. Who would have thought I’d be here here in only about 4 months? Pretty cool!

Posted: May 13th, 2003

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