I’ve got a mini-announcement. Starting this week about half of my time at Mozilla is going to be spent driving the direction of the brand-new Mozilla Firebug team. I’m, understandably, quite excited about this proposition. Like all web developers I’ve found Firebug to be an invaluable tool for web development.

We have a great team forming – I’m going to be joined by:

We’re in a very primordial stage right now – we’re meeting at the Firefox Summit at the end of the month and again at the beginning of August for the Firebug Working Group. We’ll be setting some major goals for post-Firebug 1.2 development. I highly suspect that we’ll be doing some exploratory Firebug extension development as well.

In the meantime we’ll be hanging out in the Firebug IRC channel, which can be found here:
Room: #firebug

We’re going to love to hear any suggestions for feature development – I’m sure you’ve got tons of ideas – and we do as well. I’m quite excited about all of this. Here’s to a bright Firebug future!

Posted: July 17th, 2008

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