Dev House Boston

So I’m really excited about this upcoming event, here in Boston. I’ve been helping to plan it, along with Patrick, Shimon, and Brian.

It’s a day-long code-a-thon for any interested hackers called Dev House Boston. Free food and drinks will be provided along with plenty of Internet and places to work – much of it graciously donated by Permabit and leftover BarCamp Boston money. It’s taking place this Saturday (December 9th) and will be taking place from 11am until 9-10pm.

We decided to model this event after SuperHappyDevHouse, with some twists. The event is one day only and takes place during the day (making it much easier to attend – even if you already have holiday-related obligations). There’s no specific goal for the event – you just need to come and have fun. We’ll have a brief presentation period at the end so that you can show off your hacks (we’ll be recording it for release on YouTube). You’re more than welcome to form a team to make something even bigger and cooler. There may be prizes for ‘best hack’ – but no promises.

To give you a quick preview, I’m going to be partnering with Julia to build a cool hybrid desktop/web application. I’m not going to talk about it much until we actually have something coded, but here’s a quick development photo preview to keep you interested (awesome idea to clip the notecard to the screen by Julia):

App Development Screenshot

Posted: December 3rd, 2006

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