CVS Fun!

Today was a day dedicated to CVS. I moved all three versions of my calendar program over to my commercial server and formatted them for distribution. As a note, I’ll be removing the program off this server entirely probably by this weekend. I then set up a web CVS so that I could browse my CVS directory. Having completed that, I spent many a hour reading the CVS documentation and preparing the massive list of commands that I was going to have to run to make everything go in. And so – everything is nicely added to CVS. I now have multiple versions: alpha, khronos, khronos-patches, and current. khronos-patches is a branch of the khronos release in which I’m constantly make bug fixes and merging it back into the main release. Hopefully sometime soon current will be developed enough that I can call it ‘tempo’ and then things will continue to move on from there.

I also got some work done on the Sweptaway web site today. I’m working on the CGI back-end which is designed to allow the owners of the web site to manipulate it, add new pages, delete pages, etc.

Additionally, tomorrow I’m heading over to the HUB hear on campus to fax Network Solutions and try and get my business domain back. Also, I have to sound out some mail so that I can set up my LLC to maintain the commercial projects that I do. That’s all for now – time to catch some sleep!

Posted: June 9th, 2003

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