Calendar, CSH Website, and Research

I’ve been working hard these past couple days, getting everything situated in my dorm room, however I’ve made sure to leave plenty of time for programming.

I’ve been doing some more work on the new Object-Oriented backend to the Calendar program, and it’s nearly complete. I just finished one item that had been pestering me to no end – Multi-Day Repeating Events. I’ve built a couple test scripts to test my code against, and it works – I should be moving it into ‘production’ here in the next couple days.

I’ve also been working on designing the new XML interface for the CSH website. One major hurdle that has existed these past couple years – to CSH web developers – was the inability to expand to other programming languages, besides PHP. However, using the new interface that I’ve designed, programs will be able to be constructed in any language, simply passing my intermediary program the proper XML, which it will then render – thus making future improvements, and even templates, simple to implement.

The old way:
PHP Script -> HTML -> User

The new way:
Any CGI Script -> XML -> Perl XML Interpreter -> HTML -> User

Additionally, these past couple days, I’ve been making sure to continue heading over to the research lab, where I’m keeping busy as ever.

Posted: August 20th, 2003

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