Busy Quarter

This quarter is picking up. Today at software testing we re-organized our schedules, and I will now be working 23 hours per week (up from about 12-15), and at better times (e.g. not 9am, ugh). So this means that I will be taking a full course load in addition to this and the research that I’m doing over at the lab. Woah. Research is starting to pick up, it’s a lot of fun and really enjoy it. I finished up a bunch of work for the Swept Away Farm the other day. Over everything else, I simply need to clear off my plate of stuff to do so that I can concentrate on all the important things that I want to do. I’ve desperately trying to finish up and get version 0.4 of the calendar program out. I’m re-thinking my plan for how I want to create the calendar, the final result should be really cool. On another note, I’m going to be giving two seminars here soon: One on Regular Expressions (this next week after R&D) and one on how to set up a corporation (TBA). That’s all for now, there’s much work to be done and only so much time to do it in!

Posted: September 17th, 2003

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