Business Trip, Data Comm

I’m back from my first out-of-state business trip. It was in interesting, to say the least. They treated me real good and I was able to talk with them a lot and help them plan out the direction in which this wish to take their web site. Most importantly – I was able to meet the multiple people who will be in charge of updating the web site – and am able to plan, accordingly.

The topic of the moment, however, is my Data Comm project, which is due Wednesday. It’s a multi-user, server-client, acronym database program. This is only part one (and yet it is still quite advanced) – I’ll be curious to see in what direction we take this with part two. Additionally, Dr. Resnick informed me that if I find an appropriate Network Security topic – I can implement it in this project (some time this quarter). All I have to say is that I have nothing but the utmost repect for him as a teacher – he is excellent and knows just what he’s talking about. I really hope I’m able to get into his Neural Networks class at some point.

Posted: June 29th, 2003

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