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I’ve come back home for the weekend, and since my laptop is out of commission, I’m hitting the ol’ paperback. Over the past couple months I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Limited Liability Corporations (because I’m setting one up) but all of the information that I’ve read was pretty non-specific. Today, while at Barnes and Nobles, I picked up two books: “Own Your Own Corporation” and “Nolo’s Quick LLC“. The first one is somewhat of a companion book to another book that I read called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. ‘Rich Dad’ was the story of a man who followed in the footsteps a friend’s father (who was quite rich) instead of his father, a middle-class teacher. It talks about all the tricks that he learned along the way, and it was terribly interesting. I remember thinking, when I was reading the book, that I would’ve liked to have read more about forming corporations, so that you can have lesser taxes and greater benefits. ‘Own Your Own Corporation’ is that book. It’s fantastic. I don’t know what it is about business-related books but I eat them up with a spoon, I have a hard time finding anything else as engrossing as this. The ‘Quick LLC’ book details everything that you need to know about Limited Liability Corporations – and of great importance to me, taxes. I’m starting to get into the stickiness of all the paperwork, and I just want to make sure that I keep everything kosher – because if I botch anything up, it could come back to bite me later, big time. The ‘Nolo’s’ book saved my neck just today, when I received some additional paperwork from the state that I had trouble understanding – I just looked it up in the book, and then it all became clear! It’s kind of like have your own personal accountant and lawyer helping you (only without having to pay the large fees). I know that at some point here, very soon, I probably will consult both of the afformentioned, simply to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

On a related note: There aren’t very many non-technical CSH seminars, and I think one that people would be very interested in would be one relating to how to set up your own corporation. I know quite a few house members who are looking to do it, and maybe from my experience I could give them a few pointers. If anyone would be interested in this, let me know and I’ll start preparing information to present for this next year.

Posted: August 23rd, 2003

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