Building a JavaScript Library

This past Friday I gave my first Google Tech Talk on Building a JavaScript Library. I was invited to speak by Jon Wiley and had a chance to speak with a bunch of people on the User Experience team at Google (and, of course, try the always-popular food).

Building a JavaScript Library [Video]

Building a JavaScript Library [Slides]

Based upon some of the questions that I got, it definitely seems like there’s a market for a jQuery presentation, at Google. Maybe I’ll be able to give another talk there someday – time will tell!

I’m glad that I’ve been able to start codifying my thoughts surrounding JavaScript Library design and implementation. We’ll have to see where it leads (if it does lead anywhere besides a presentation) – maybe it’ll end up in the form of a book or set of articles.

Please let me know if this talk interested you as I’m trying to gauge what interests other web developers – because all of this stuff fascinates me (JavaScript programming, open source projects, etc.).

Posted: August 21st, 2007

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