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I’ve recently started writing for Ars Technica – and my first post is live now:
Extreme JavaScript Performance (WebKit and SquirrelFish Extreme)

I plan on contributing an article per week, or so, on topics related to JavaScript, browsers, and standards. I consider this to be a good challenge for myself – I have to perform considerably more research (interviewing, etc.) than I would for a normal blog post (which isn’t to say that I won’t for my blog – but that this is starting to get me in the good habit of doing additional fact-checking). I also plan on writing posts that are more-generic in nature. I find it pretty easy to become biased one way or another so I’m actively challenging myself to write from a more-neutral position.

Google Groups for Processing.js and Env.js

Two of my most popular side projects, Processing.js and Env.js now both have active Google Groups:

Feel free to ask any questions that you have (I receive considerable email about both these projects and it would be good to distribute the question-answer process a little bit).

Posted: October 7th, 2008

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