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I’ve been busy advertising the Schedule Maker – trying to take advantage of Greg Bender’s disadvantage. However, it only lasted until about 1:42pm yesterday when his server came back up – on well, what can you do?

I finished my work on the Course Browser – running off of my cache of SIS – it works very smoothly and looks great! It’s so much easier to use then what is currently on SIS. There are a couple features that I want to implement for version “2.0” of the Schedule Designer: Integrating Professor Evaluations, It’s own Domain Name (and possibly server), run it on a MySQL DB, Automate the cache updates, limit the number of schedules shown to 5 (?) per page, and add the ability to remove schedules from being shown. Next semester I want to be a direct threat to Greg Bender – it’s my personal goal to make it so that people won’t even remember his site within a year. Sounds like fun!

Posted: February 8th, 2003

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