Constructing a simple dimensional form with lines and rectangles. Changing the value of the variable 'd' scales the image. The four variables set the positions based on the value of 'd'.

Original Example: PointsLines

// All Examples Written by Casey Reas and Ben Fry
// unless otherwise stated.
int d = 40;
int p1 = d;
int p2 = p1+d;
int p3 = p2+d;
int p4 = p3+d;

size(200, 200);

// Draw gray box
line(p3, p3, p2, p3);
line(p2, p3, p2, p2);
line(p2, p2, p3, p2);
line(p3, p2, p3, p3);

// Draw white points
point(p1, p1);
point(p1, p3); 
point(p2, p4);
point(p3, p1); 
point(p4, p2);
point(p4, p4);